Customer relationship

At Espaces Saada, thanks to the expertise developed over more than 10 years, all means are implemented to satisfy any customer who comes into contact with us.

EspacesSaada ensures continuous improvement of its processes to provide a product that meets our quality charter in alliance with the highest standards and service requirements for a perfect customer satisfaction.

For the objective to offer high-quality services, we have created the "consumer service commitments" gradually implemented, in order to reach today:

Productscommitments including

  • A 100% declared sales price
  • A 10-year warranty on structural works and sealing
  • EspacesSaada label : Green spaces
  • Facilities and accommodations: mosque, hammams, ovens, schools, sports fields, nurseries ...
  • Quality as a core value of our projects

And service commitments, including on:

  • An Agreement with the Moroccan authorities
  • Availability of public transport (bus, taxis ...)
  • Guaranteed funding thanks to many partners in the banking sector.

A permanent re-engineering of our internal processes to serve a common goal.

Make 'City within a city' , concept a true living space that fills your needs every single day.

in short