Housing has always been essential for country social and human development which makes it a primary social right. And Résidences Dar Saada ambition is to be part of that project by offering our customers: the right to quality housing.

Our mission

Design, produce and market quality living spaces, along with supporting our customers and deepening their loyalty.

Our Values

Résidences Dar Saada employees have embodied our PEP’S corporate culture, a culture that binds us together and governs our relationships, exchanges, stances and decisions. PEP'S stands for Partaking, Engagement, Performance and Saada(Hapiness), which is the energy, vitality, and impulse that characterizes and drives us. Visitors to our premises could feel PEP’S tempo and rhythm all around and in every action undertaken by our employees and teams.

Beyond usual corporate training and team building programs, our employees benefit from opportunities to express themselves through several activities, along with arts and sports workshops that nurture our first and foremost value, which is the PARTAKING of our passions, know-how and differences.

Our ENGAGEMENT regarding our employees is to provide them with the opportunity to improve their capabilities and evolve within the company at the pace they decide, because we are all the masters of our journey. At Résidences Dar Saada, we value achieving collective success through individual PERFORMANCE.

Finally, our uniqueness resides in the energy, rhythm, and Saada (Hapiness) we demonstrate every day, while facing new challenges, hand in hand and increasingly confident in our ability to raise even higher.

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